The appropriate way to advertise your property or service because VIP-ad promotes through all pages of real estate type you ad, also in all pages of property demand. VIP-ad combine benefits of casual and image advertisement

  • Published on all listings, detailed and demand pages appropriate property type.
  • Increase views of your ad more than 20 times.
  • Possible to advertise the property as well as service.
  • You are able to post your own ad text, contacts and link to your page or website.


Price for 1 VIP-ad is XXX NGN per month. You can change VIP-ad as you like during this period. For example, one week you can promote one real estate object and next week another one.

Period of promotion

Min advertising period 1 month with the possibility to change ad object twice a week.


If you sell an apartment, rent an apartment or offer your property for vacation rentals if you are a real estate professional – just invest some small money for advertisement and it will repay. Of course, you can choose a strategy where you decide not to invest any penny and just publish your property listings for free. But it seems there is a good reason to invest some money into your own success. Especially when the sum of investment is less than one visit to a supermarket to buy food. At the same time, a paid and will bring you much more potential customers. Just think about it!

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