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Real Estate Agent as a profession means a person entrepreneurial skills and entrepreneur who knows the value of quality advertising. As a professional of the real estate market, realtor, like anyone else, understands the importance of having your arsenal of tools for promotion to market their real estate listings and services.

With its arsenal 2 – 3 paid ads below, you can use them to advertise many more properties. Because all realtors know that, as a rule, the number of customer requests is greatly increased when the advertised property is already sold or rented out.

Therefore, it is very important to advertise your property in the initial stage of the advertising campaign, and only when the property enters the database of other realtors and when many direct clients know about your property and take the time to make decisions, then the object can be converted into free mode.

Paid ads are not assigned to a specific property for the duration of the payment, you can change your property within a month several times during the duration of the ads, thereby increasing or decreasing the intensity of attention to a particular property.

Often people spend money on completely unnecessary things, throw a bunch of extra food, but at the same time try to save on investment in own business and success. Compare our plan rates to the value of your property per month on advertising and the cost of purchase of unnecessary things. Regular investing several hundred Naira in advertising, increase your income by thousands of Naira in return, and even more. The choice is yours!

“What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.” – David Ogilvy. 

Featured Listings

These ads should be in the arsenal of every estate agent. Featured Listings are available for agents interested in extra exposure for their real estate properties and appear at the top of the search results page. An excellent ratio between price and efficiency.


If you sell or rent a luxury real estate, or if you want to quickly declare about your object on the real estate market. Also works very well in combination with Featured Listings.

Banner advertisement

Different options, good prices, discounts.

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